DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #12- Live Life Without Grudges

In our everyday lives, we are unconsciously keeping a lot of grudges. To live a life without grudges is easier said than done but we should try. Let us start by pondering upon the following suggestions:

(1) accept the things you cannot change, (2) never regret decisions you have made, (3) always love what you got and remember what you had, (4) always forgive and learn from mistakes, (5) don’t set your expectations too high, (6) love deeply and forgive quickly, and (7) laugh as often as you can. These will be discussed individually in the next daily happiness tips.

Take note that the heaviest thing we can carry is a grudge and having lots of it will make life unbearable. Remove grudges one by one and observe how light and easy life can be. Be grudge-free and be happy!

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Anonymous said...

its hard to let go of grudges if you cant forget an offense and the ill-feelings that went with it.

alluring mom said...

Forgiving quickly may be impossible but i've learned to lift all my cares to God... that's why was able to liberate myself from ill-feelings and it feels good!...I wanna be happy, life without grudges, life with God...(=

Anonymous said...

there are those who bear a grudge even to those who do them good.

fabgirl said...

Grudges are like poison we carry in our bodies. I would rather forgive and carry on..there are much better things to be done so I've decided to embrace peace, gratitude and joy in my life:)

WBHNAdmin said...

@ 1st Anonymous- take it from the other comments; while forgetting might be difficult, forgiving is the key as alluring mom and fabgirl beautifully said to let go of grudges.

@ alluring mom and fabgirl- that's being positive! Thanks for your comments.

@ 2nd Anonymous- some people do not deserve our good deed but we must do it anyway. Giving and doing good is a gift to ourselves, and it feels good no matter what others think.

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