DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #13- Start a Gratitude Ritual

Daily Happiness Tip #2 is about counting our blessings. Its recommendation is to make a daily list of things we freely enjoy and we then feel very blessed in the process. This is like having a gratitude journal.

An alternative to writing down our daily thanks is saying our gratefulness aloud.  Do this during or after dinner or at any convenient time to encourage interaction among family members (or friends or other groupings). Let the other members hear what you are thankful for that particular day and listen to theirs as well.  Don’t forget to acknowledge the source of all your blessings each day. It is good that a Thanksgiving Day is celebrated and has been a tradition in many parts of the world, but a daily thanksgiving is even more powerful, because it is a practice that invites more happiness every single day of our lives.

Lastly, please read through this short story (circulated through email). It talks about things to ponder upon, smile about, and be thankful for.


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rv said...

daily thanksgiving can also be done in a form of prayer to acknowledge blessings from God.

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