DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #10- Move those Muscles

Exercise when done correctly and regularly gives you a number of benefits. It tones your muscles, helps you manage your blood pressure and your weight, strengthens your lungs, aids in combating chronic diseases like heart ailments and osteoporosis, and promotes better sleep.

Aside from all these physical and health benefits, exercise is a good bonding activity among family members and friends and also has a direct positive effect on your mood. Exercise reduces feeling of depression and anxiety. Researchers say a chemical in the brain called serotonin may be the key. Serotonin level in the brain is increased when we exercise giving us an immediate 'lift' or ‘happy feeling’.

When you exercise, not only do you improve your physique, health and relationships, but also lifts your mood right away. So move those muscles and work your way to a happier you.


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fabgirl said...

i absolutely agree! its about having a light feeling and its really true exercise promotes better sleep.

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