DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #58- Be Kind to Yourself

There are those among us who are not satisfied with mediocre performance and therefore push very hard to achieve goals in almost everything that they do. This type of personality is prone to stress and anxiety. Without doubt, they are also less likely to enjoy the present as they are driven and focused in achieving their goals- something to attain in the future. Therefore, they tend to postpone happiness. Unfortunately, contentment, which is a key to happiness, is not a virtue for them as there is always a higher goal or dream to chase.

There are obviously many positive things that come out as a result of relentless pursuit of excellence. The only message here is to balance this with kindness to oneself. Allow yourself to also enjoy the moment, enjoy the fruits of your labor and savor the goodness of life, your family, your relationships- the things one might easily overlook as we set our eyes on the prize.

We deserve some slack, we need to relax. We always try to jam too much into the day and lose sight of what life is really about. It is necessary to include activities that you enjoy into your daily schedule. Reward yourself, lighten up and have some fun.

So when life becomes too hectic and too stressful, remember to slow down, take a deep breath and cut yourself some slack. Doing your best and still have time to live and enjoy your life is what is expected of you. Anyway, in the end only your opinion and the opinion of those who you love really matters. So be kind to your self and be happy.

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Brent said...

It's difficult when you have type A personality...can't help being ruthless when it comes to getting something I've set my mind to!

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