DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #25- Do Not Postpone Happiness

How many times have we caught ourselves saying: “I’d be happy when…I have my own house”, “…the loan is paid off”, “…I get a new job”, or “…I’ve lost weight.” There is nothing wrong with setting a goal for oneself, but to make happiness contingent upon its attainment is a recipe for disaster. Surely one would be happy, even ecstatic once a goal is achieved, but this should not mean withholding happiness while making one’s way to success.

Indeed true happiness is not about getting ahead, arriving somewhere, receiving a prize or finding someone. It is deciding to be happy regardless of circumstances. Therefore, happiness is within us and no one can give or take it away from us without our permission. So, decide to be happy now!  It's all up to you.


photo courtesy of stockvault.net

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