DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #1- Decide to be Happy

Happiness is a decision.  You can be happy as long as you want toHappy people have vibrant immune system and are thus less likely to get sick.  They live longer and healthier lives.  People are drawn to them and love being with them. 

So today, resolve that you are happy and will be happy everyday regardless of circumstances.  When things are good, acknowledge it and be happy.  When things are bad, acknowledge it and be happy anyway. What have you to lose?

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fabgirl said...

yes why spend time worrying about things..you are right, we have nothing to lose so lets be happy! so glad we have this daily happiness tips, thanks!!!

Pat said...

come to think of it, being happy makes sense regardless of the good or bad going on in our lives. Ive decided to be happy!

zsazsa said...

Happiness really is a decision. Disappointments and frustrations are a part of life, so we just need to be more positive. Also, life is too short to worry too much. If you let things get you down, you'll often be miserable!

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