DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #53- Understand and Accept Yourself

We are responsible for our own happiness.  It is in knowing and understanding our own self that we get to know what makes us tick…what makes us angry, sad or happy.  It is then possible to define happiness in our own terms.  So let us endeavor to make a deep enough understanding of our strengths as well as our weaknesses.  It is when we play to our strengths that we find flow, fulfillment and meaning to whatever we do.  Similarly, it is when we learn to be more forgiving of our weaknesses and willing to adjust expectations that we find acceptance and contentment.

The next step is to accept those which we cannot change in or about ourselves, such as the skin color or the parents we have; and to strive to change those which we can, such as our reaction to criticisms or our attitude toward our job. 

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