DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #55- Get a Restful Sleep

Our body needs to recharge regularly that is why humans have a natural circadian rhythm.  Sleep is the time when the body heals and the brain reorganizes the constant stream of inputs it takes in.  Inadequate sleep is  associated with irritability, attention deficiency, obesity and weakened immunity.  So one cannot be happy when constantly deprived of sleep.

Emphasis must be on how restful sleep is instead of its duration as it varies among individuals.  Therefore, to get restful sleep, it helps when one has a regular sleeping pattern; comfortable place to sleep, which is darkened, with cozy temperature and without distractions such as television, loud music or noise (soft music is preferred by some); and mind/body that is calm and ready to take a break from all the activities, thinking, and worries.  

For those of us who find sleep as optional or just a waste of time because of the reasoning that there is so much to do, know that when one is younger and in the peak of health, the body can absorb all the stress and abuse.  However, time will come when these will take toll on our bodies.  Like productive machinery, our bodies need regular maintenance to achieve peak, reliable and long-lasting performance (productive capacity).  Sleep, exercise and relaxation are part of maintenance that are often skipped.  Stop the negligence and take care of our productive capacity to maintain our productivity for the longest possible time. This way we are healthier and happier for the longest possible time as well.

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