DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #45- Find Your Balance

Many people dream of leading a “balanced life” when referring to family and work commitments, often defining it in a variety of ways. But the one definition that is unlikely to help is expecting “balanced life” to mean equal number of hours for work and for family or personal time. It’s just not realistic. 

Everyone should define a “balanced life” in his/her own terms and should expect it to evolve or change as life changes constantly. What might be the right balance for you now might not be right next month or next year. What is important is to define it in terms of your own happiness, meaningfulness and fulfillment considering both the short- and the long-views of your own life.

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Jeff Sandoval said...

It is really tough to maintain a balance in between work and family and also tough to maintain life and happiness. Both the factors are simultaneously equivalent to each other; a balanced life describe some facts like getting enough time for friends and family after work, spending quality time with to fulfill our passion and many other. Here we should learn some hidden facts about balanced life and how to enjoy life without any hurdles.
Work Balance

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