DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #32- Keep Your Desk Empty

Now this seems to be next to impossible for most types of work and for a good majority of workers. However, what this tip is simply saying is to get organized! A clear workspace brings clear thinking and a feeling of lightness, which are needed to be happy and successful in the workplace. In contrast, a desk full of stacks of papers and hodgepodge of materials can weigh anybody down, consciously or unconsciously, and it’ll be more difficult to tackle projects as they seem to be bigger than life and endless.

Now, your question is… where would I put the materials I am supposed to be working on? Would this not give the impression that I am just bumming around and not doing anything? Unfortunately, if you are concerned with the second question, you might have a bigger problem at work…either you don’t really have much to do or your apprehension reflects a reputation of idleness (or even laziness) at work that you need to put on an appearance of busyness. Unfortunately, a disorganized desk can’t help that. It’ll merely reinforce your negative image.

Only materials that you are working on should remain on your desk. All the rest would be organized on a cabinet, shelf or another table for you to get when their turn comes. Only the most used tools such as pens, post-its, telephone, computer, calendar and the like would either be on your desk or in drawers of that desk. At the end of the day, the desk must be cleared, even those that you haven’t finished needs to be parked someplace for you to get the next day. It’s wonderful to start the day fresh and end it with a feeling of accomplishment. So take courage, clear that desk!

“Clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence.” -Thomas S. Szasz

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