DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #31- Simplify, Learn to Say NO

“There’s so much out there, but so little time!...”, “if only I can double myself…” are common cries of those among us who are either driven to succeed or simply eager to please. In our desire to get ahead in life, so many are stretched too thinly in so many directions that stress and ailments associated with it become impediments to the much sought after good life and personal well-being. If it’s not working, why not try a different approach.

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By learning to be more discerning on what is most important and feasible, we can take back control of our own time. Recognizing the Pareto Principle that a small proportion of what we do contributes to a large proportion of our output, to be quite ruthless on deciding what we take on is the key to simplifying schedules and one’s life. By doing this, we can emphasize on quality instead of merely quantity, on excellence instead of just-so performance. So if it’s happiness and well-being you are seeking, be realistic about limits in time and capacity, prioritize commitments and say No to the rest without feeling guilty.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” -Hans Hofmann

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