DAILY HAPPINESS TIP - Put a Smile on a Sad Face

If a friend greets you with a gloom, make a smile on the loom. How? Ask why and listen attentively. You might provide solutions to her/his current concern or you might not. But being available to listen and comfort makes you a blessing to a distressed soul.

happy face for a sad friend

If you feel you need to do more, you can tell a joke. Deliver it with all the facial expressions and the ad lib lines. Think you can’t and fear that you might spoil the punch line?…hmmm, tell it anyway. You’ll definitely be rewarded with a smile for your effort. It feels good to see a smiling face and even better if you know you are the reason behind that smile.


photo courtesy of stockvault.net
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Dave Josef said...

always put big smile :D then everyone follows

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