DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #39- Bring Humor to your Workplace

We spend about a quarter to a third of our lifetime as productive adults in our workplaces where negative stress may abound. From unsupportive bosses to crabby co-workers, from boring repetitive tasks to high-pressure highly competitive sales environment, you name it. Because we do not live to work but we work to make a living, let us choose to improve workplace environment instead of merely griping about it. After all, because a major chunk of our time is spent in the workplace, happiness, anger, frustration and other lingering emotions affect other aspects of our lives, particularly our health and wellbeing that we’re supposed to share with our loved ones.

Humor and fun can make any negative work environment less stressful. It can start with you posting tasteful jokes, cartoons, funny photos, or anything fun (but harmless) in your cubicle such as this. Your closest friend in the office can do the same and then perhaps the others as well. Everyone can have his/her own brand of humor that can be appreciated by everyone else. Then there is something to talk about and to look forward to during visits to other people’s cubicles. It may not immediately turn the most negative of workplace to a haven of positive energy. But it’s a good start.

“Perhaps I know best why it is man alone who laughs; he alone suffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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