DAILY HAPPINESS TIP #29- Stop and Smell the Flowers

In the rush of the day…in the middle of your busiest period, there is wisdom in taking a breather for a few minutes.  It can be in a form of a walk towards the water dispenser for a cold glass of water, or to the snack counter for a quick bite; a peek at a friends cubicle for a quick hello, or a short call to someone special; glance at the window to admire the view, or better yet, a brief trip outside to greet the sun, inhale the fresh air and enjoy the scent of freshly cut grass. 

Often, only a short time out is what it takes to clear one’s head, replenish the creative juice and/or solve that pesky problem.  If a computer sometimes bogs down and needs to be restarted, how much more the human brain that processes data many magnitudes more than the smartest computer on earth. 

Remember that happiness is the key to success.  Taking pleasure on such scheduled or unscheduled breaks can be a source of happiness that can take you through the toughest parts of the day.  Without it, there’s no telling what may come out at day’s end.

So hey c’mon, stop and smell those flowers!

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